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Cork Cheese Fair

I feel like more and more restaurants I go to have cheese boards. To being with I’m not really a dessert guy but cheese for dessert would be my least favourite option.  I like cheese when it comes to pizza and different food that involves melted cheese but when blocks of cheese are involved my senses of smell go into overload. The odor of cheese and the after taste I find very pungent.
Ireland is a country known for it’s dairy farming. With high quality methods of production the Irish cheese is some of the finest in the world. The variety of cheeses range from goats to cow to sheep.

Eilish is a fan of cheese and she heard there would be a cheese fair at the Cork Airport Hotel. There would be a variety of cheese producers from around Ireland giving samples and selling their products. There would also be a few cooking demonstrations done. Even without being a big cheese fan, for my wife’s sake, I said yes to the Cork Cheese Fair…

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