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Birmingham, England

I was in Birmingham once but it was for less than twenty four hours. The main purpose for going was to see the music group Train. Eilish and I didn’t really get a chance to take in the city.

This time around we were going to be staying a bit longer and also we had people to show us around. We went to visit Eilish’s cousin Tina and her fiancé Jamie. They are living out in Cannock so we got to see some of their local spots including the beautiful food at Ego and Mr. Sizzle. We also got to see Birmingham City, a city that said yes to the Industrial Revolution and seeing all the cranes around the city meant it was still industrializing. There was a wonderful, diverse vibe around the Bull Ring with crowds of people shopping and eating. Also, the beauty of the city shown down by the canal when we went to the Gin Vault was a hidden gem. I am so glad I said yes to Birmingham…

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