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Putting in Curlers

With the barber shops closed the last few months like many people my hair has grown to a good length. I had been joking that it was long enough to curl at this stage. So Eilish bought me a set of rollers and a hair net to curl my hair. I always felt bad for the girls when I was at Irish...

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Coffee Mask

I was watching Today with Daithi and Maura and Pamela Morrisey was on talking about different treatments you can do for your hair and skin. She was doing one where you...

Back Shave

I’ve been wanting to have my back waxed as a vlog for a while. I thought shaving it would be the next best thing. Since Eilish was giving me a haircut anyways I asked if...

24 Hour Fast

I have been very fortunate in my life to have not gone 24 hours without having something to eat. Like so many people at the moment each day is starting to feel the same...

Spice Bath

My body had this achy feeling after a couple of runs so I wanted to say yes to a new bath. I found an article from Women’s Health online that gave some ingredients for a...

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