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Instant Pot Chilli

Instant Pot is something I heard about a year ago. My brother Sean had gotten one and he loved it. I learned that it’s a pressure cooker that closes and cooks with...

Bar Academy

The East Village in Douglas is a place Eilish and I enjoy going to. They do delicious food and it’s a great place to watch a sporting event. Recently, we finished our...

Homemade Pizza

I love pizza and I love the taste of the cheese and tomato and the crust all combined. A lot of pizzas I have have the oily, greasy taste that makes you feel guilty...


Like so many people of my age I loved the move Karate Kid growing up and could probably have recited most of the lines and moves in it. As a child I was involved in lots...


As the sun comes out and the evenings get longer ice cream and frozen yogurt are back on the menu. There is a place I’ve walked by so many times on Grand Parade in Cork...

Birmingham, England

I was in Birmingham once but it was for less than twenty four hours. The main purpose for going was to see the music group Train. Eilish and I didn’t really get a chance...

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