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Tripe and Drisheen

After trying Crubeens a couple of months ago a lot of people encouraged me to try Tripe and Drisheen.  For those of you not from Cork Tripe is the lining of a sheep or...

Maltesers Bites

Maltesers are a chocolate I’ve grown to love since living in Ireland. I especially love when Eilish and I put them in the popcorn at the cinema. The chocolate and the...

Guinness Mini Pints

I enjoy a good pint of Guinness. The image of a Guinness pint is so distinct. The majority of the glass is black with that little bit of white on top and it’s so...

Skinnys in Ballycotton

A good friend of mine whom we call ‘Doc’ was coming over to visit me in Ireland. I had known Doc since college. We lived together for three years. He’s one of the best...

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