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Gullón Sugar Free Cookies

I don’t know if it is the right mentality or not but I always feel better about myself when I have something that’s sugar free. Whether it’s a sugar free soda or you’re using sweetener instead of sugar. The idea that you are still having something sweet but it’s not as bad for you puts your mind at ease.

I love cookies especially chocolate chip ones but I’ve been in search for one with really good taste but not as much sugar. I decided to venture down to Iceland to see if they had anything like that as they are always advertising special offers on low fat / low sugar foods anytime I walk past. 

As I walked down the aisles to see if a new cookie would jump out at me I came across a few packages with Gullon on the front. There was one I saw that was a sugar free cake and then another that said sugar free chocolate chip cookies. I thought to myself that this was perfect food to say yes to … 

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