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The Mintsk

I’ve been attempting prototypes for hand sanitizers so we can feel more comfortable touching things or avoiding the awkwardness when picking something up for someone...

Ichigo Ichie

Eilish and I had been wanting to try Ichigo Ichie for a while. She’s been to Japan before and has gotten me into Japanese food. This restaurant is Michelin starred and...

Corn Maze

My nieces were down from Leitrim for the week and we were doing a few different outings. We decided to head out to Roscarbery in West Cork and they have Ireland’s...

Fake Tan

I have a pale complexion but I do get ‘farmer tans’ where my skin gets darker in the summer. I’ve always wondered what it’d be like to have a proper tan. I’ve seen...

Ice Cream in a Bag

Eilish had sent me a few fun science experiments and one of them was Ice Cream in Bag where you can make ice cream by putting cream and a few other ingredients on ice in...

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