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The New Haven

The beauty of West Cork is something that is known to a lot of people. Schull is a place that stands out. It’s such a picturesque village and is a great place to hold a...

Low Calorie Ice Cream

I had seen recently on Instagram how celebrities including Rob Lipsett and Vogue Williams were starting to advertise lower calorie ice creams. On this particular day the...

Henchy’s Bar

When you’re going to a pub to have a drink you think of what atmosphere is created. Many Irish pubs have a warm, welcoming feel. There might be a few older local...

Reese’s Rounds

I’ve always loved peanut butter. I was obsessed with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches growing up. I wanted to bring it everyday for lunch at school. I can...

The Castle Cafe

When thinking of Ireland growing up I would always associate it with castles. I think this might be because of the many family trips to Ireland and going to Bunratty...


Since moving to Cork over 2 years ago I’ve become more and more interested in the culture. I know Ireland has it’s overall culture but I really like to get to know the...

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