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Henchy’s Bar

When you’re going to a pub to have a drink you think of what atmosphere is created. Many Irish pubs have a warm, welcoming feel. There might be a few older local gentlemen sitting at the bar talking about whatever is happening in the world or about someone down the road and their more personal news. The iconic image of an Irish pub usually has an older rustic feel to it with wooden chairs and tables. For me a place with a happy yet relaxed energy. 

I’ve been lucky enough to have been in some amazing Irish pubs since living in Ireland. Cork, in particular, has some phenomenal ones. Many great nights and happy memories from some of them. I had heard about one in particular on the northside of the city called Henchy’s. A few people I know live in the area and say that it is pub with a lot of charm. I live on the southside of the city so I don’t get up to pubs in that area much but on this particular night Eilish had a concert at St Lukes right across the street from it. I figured I had some time to kill so why not say yes to Henchy’s for a bit…

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