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Eilish brought home a Pomegranate for me to say yes to. I’ve only ever had that fruit in the form of a liquid like a juice. I thought I could just bite into it but when I looked online on how to eat one there was a bit more to it. So glad I said yes.

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Grilled Peaches

I looked at the George Foreman Grill one day and thought about the different things you could do with it. I googled what you could do and a list came up but what really...

Ichigo Ichie

Eilish and I had been wanting to try Ichigo Ichie for a while. She’s been to Japan before and has gotten me into Japanese food. This restaurant is Michelin starred and...

Ice Cream in a Bag

Eilish had sent me a few fun science experiments and one of them was Ice Cream in Bag where you can make ice cream by putting cream and a few other ingredients on ice in...

South County

The South County is a place of many fond memories. It has been Eilish’s local for her whole life and has become mine in recent years. It has a real traditional Irish pub...

Bresnan’s Butchers

I remember walking by Bresnan’s Family Butchers when it was in Douglas Shopping Centre (before the August 2019 fire). I had bought meat from there a few times. They were...

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