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Low Calorie Ice Cream

I had seen recently on Instagram how celebrities including Rob Lipsett and Vogue Williams were starting to advertise lower calorie ice creams. On this particular day the sun was shining and Ireland is such a beautiful country when that happens.  There is such a good buzz and energy around too.

Whether it’s nostalgia or something else in this weather, ice cream is a real craving for me as I’m sure it is for many other people.  I usually lean toward the famous Irish ice cream called the 99 which has vanilla soft serve ice cream with a chocolate Flake candy bar nestled in it but I wanted to try something new this time and maybe opt for a healthier option. 

The plan was for Breyer’s but of course plans don’t always work out and it wasn’t in the store I had run to but remaining true to the healthier option I tried some Halo Top and here’s how it went…

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