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The Castle Cafe

When thinking of Ireland growing up I would always associate it with castles. I think this might be because of the many family trips to Ireland and going to Bunratty Castle. I also just realised while writing this that food was associated with it because they would do the medieval style dinner. What a knight! … and what a bad joke I just made. 

Since moving to Cork Eilish has shown me the Blackrock Castle. I initially thought it was just a castle with an observatory. When we drove by it I was taken by it’s presence and the view it had over the water. She told me how there is a nice restaurant there. I said that we should go some time. I said yes to new and went to try it out. The food was delicious and atmosphere was great.

This would be my second time going but my first time for brunch so there was some new menu items to try ….. 

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