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Whenever I think of going to a bar I always think of the row of taps that show what is on draft. I then think of what music might be playing and what images are up on the wall. I loved going to Irish pubs in the states and seeing what was on the wall. I looked to see what GAA team might be there or what musician or Irish landmark could be there. It was a way of connecting with your culture being so far away. Now being in Ireland I still loving going to Irish pubs but I guess I just call them pubs because we are in Ireland but I also like connecting to my American culture as well like going out to watch the American sports.

Eilish and I had a bit of time to spare before going to watch the Boston Bruins play the Tampa Bay Lightning at the Woolshed. We were walking through Cork City and remembered how a friend said to check out the new place Mason that opened up. It was meant to be a good cocktail place. We said yes to it…

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