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Making a Milkshake

screen-shot-2017-01-08-at-10-36-59I woke up this Friday morning with one goal in mind…getting two All Ireland Gaelic Football final tickets to a truck driver who was making a delivery in Cork and heading back to Dublin.  They were for a friend and his father.  I felt very excited to have a connection who had a connection to make these tickets happen.  I’ve been fortunate to have people do so much for me in the past I like to be able to give back as much as possible.

Thankfully I was up before 10 o’clock as I got a call from my friend saying that he thought the truck driver would be around between 1 and 2 but actually he would be there between 11 and 12.  I really wanted to make sure I was there on time so I got dressed immediately and began my journey.

The walk would be about a half hour.  Roughly 20 minutes into my walk I got a call from my friend’s father and he asked me where I was and me not being great on the phone I couldn’t really explain what I was doing so I just stuck my hand out to get a taxi.  I told him that I was just getting in the taxi and would be in contact when I got there.  The taxi driver wasn’t too sure of where I was going but he brought me in that general direction.  I ended up in the business park a street away from where I was supposed to be so I walked to the rest of the way to my destination.  When I got to the building I went to reception to explain that I had an envelope for the driver.  The woman had no idea what I was talking about and neither did her colleagues.  I got back on to my friend’s dad and asked about the situation.  He had been in contact with the driver’s boss and it had nothing to do with the company I was in.  He said to go out back and hand it to the driver. I couldn’t get back there because of the barrier so I waited until the truck was leaving.  I handed the gentleman the tickets and mission accomplished.

I decided to head across the street to a diner for breakfast. While I sat there over my bacon and eggs I thought I might stop into a guy I know’s sound studio as it was right across the lot.  He’s a good guy and maybe he’ll let me do a vlog in there.  I was being spontaneous and improvising as you do in life.  I charged my phone for about twenty minutes, paid for my food and bought a cupcake.  I thought if I brought something for him it would be tough to refuse saying yes.  I do it with scratch tickets a lot too.  Give them ahead of time and it makes it tough for them to say no to you.  I don’t do it as a bad thing because I’ve lost out on plenty of scratch tickets even if they say no.

I began doing my intro on the walk over to his building and then took some shots of the building.  I walked toward his studio and the door was locked and the lights were off.  I filmed the fact that I went and he wasn’t there.  I thought it might be humorous as a vlog but then I realized the point of these vlogs are to do something new and encourage people watching to do something new.

I walked backed toward my girlfriend’s house and on the way I said I’d stop into Eddie Rocket’s to follow up about making a milkshake.  Veronika, the gal on the register, said she would check with her boss.  A woman named Geraldine came out and I explained to her what I wanted to do.  She said she just needed to run it by the head office.  I sat there and waited for a few minutes just thinking that even if I wasn’t allowed to get back there and make a shake, I was still doing something new as I was asking about making a shake.  Lucky enough for me Geraldine came out with a hat and an apron which lead me to this…..

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