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Modeling for Diesel


I was on my lunch break one day and just roaming around Cork city. I noticed a clothing store with a store window completely for mannequins with clothes on. What I mean by completely is you couldn’t see past the mannequins inside the store. It had a dark curtain to block them in. I thought it would be a fun idea to see if I could put on some clothing from the store and get in the window like a mannequin. It could be a fun promotional thing for the business and it was fun for me because enjoy entertaining and doing new things. I went inside and I recognized the man behind the counter. Padraig is his name and he had sold me a suit for a friend’s wedding a couple months previous. I didn’t realize that the suit store and this store called Diesel were run by the same people. I told Padraig the idea and right away he was on board. I said I’d be back in a few days and did so…

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