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Making a Bouquet of Flowers

Flowers always change my mood for the better when I see them. To a lot of people it may seem easy to make a bouquet of flowers. It may seem like you can just put them together and throw them in water, but it doesn’t seem like that to me it seems a lot of more complex. I look at them and see an array of colors weaved in and out beautifully with other mini flowers that I don’t know the names of. I wanted to try and make a bouquet but I was gonna need help in doing so. My girlfriend Eilish said there was a new florist opening in Douglas called Mimosa Flowers. I stopped in the next day and was given a business card for the manager Grainne. I emailed her and explained what I wanted to do. She was more than accomodating and so we were able to arrange a Friday evening to do it….

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