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I was just finishing work and wanted to go film a scene for a feature film I’ve been working on. I met Eilish over by Aunty Nellie’s Sweet Shop, where the location for the shoot was. I had to be a street musician with a guitar. Eilish handed me the guitar and she got set up to film. I was really nervous as I don’t do that too often. I put my own change in a hat to make it look like someone would actually pay me then I just sucked on the guitar and singing. Goal reached because for the film I am a struggling musician. Not too far fetched from my real life. The buzz I got after performing was incredible. I had done what I set out to do. I was famished and Eilish had gotten a gift certificate to a restaurant called Market Lane. I had heard about it but had never been. Apparently, if you have six or less people you don’t have to make a reservation which is great because it is a busy spot. We then walked over to Market Lane…

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