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Bubble Gum World Record Attempt??

I’ve always had a fascination with gum. I’m the type of person that can’t just pop one piece. There’s something about that rush of taste that comes with it and then shortly after when it runs out you want more of that rush. Before you know it you could have six or seven pieces in your mouth with you jaw aching. That ache is worth it to me. One day I was heading home from work and had to pick up a card at the Euro Store. As I was waiting in line I notice a box filled with long, thin box -shaped items. I saw World’s Longest Bubble Gum written on the side of it. I stepped out of line to check it out. It was a must have. After I purchased the gum I thought to myself, “Maybe if I fit the World’s Longest Bubble Gum in my mouth that would be a world record.” I needed to try it as soon as possible so I walked around the city to find the right street for the attempt. Washington Street in Cork was the chosen one…


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