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Between Christmas and New Year’s Douglas GAA were holding a fundraiser. They were planning on doing a Strictly Come Dancing event. My girlfriend Eilish’s brother John was in the show. He had been practicing for months for it. I was hearing so much about the dedication everyone was showing. It was being taken very seriously. I started to think about how I would feel and all the nerves I would have getting up on stage in front of a few hundred people. I am an Irish step dancer and I know how the butterflies feel. I think it’s different in this case because it’s you and someone else. Dancing solo is fine because it’s only yourself that you take responsibility if anything happens but when you have a partner it becomes a responsibility for each other. When we arrived in Rochestown Park on the night you could really feel the tension in the air. It felt like it would be a special night. Eilish turned to me and said, “You should vlog this!” She didn’t have to tell me twice…

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