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Frolicking on Live TV

I had just finished up work and was walking around the city. I noticed a cameraman with a television type camera and two men standing in front of it, one of them holding a microphone. The microphone had the TV3 logo on it. One of the men looked familiar but I couldn’t tell from a distance.

I was across the street and trying to decide whether I should try and get in the background somehow. I had to assess the situation first and make sure the news wasn’t anything too tragic.

Come to find out it was Pat O’Connell who I had interviewed with Loving Cork. He runs a fish stall in the English Market in Cork, famous for meeting the Queen, I guessed he was on to talk about business in Cork so I could take a chance.

I wanted to bring back my frolicking days. I hadn’t frolicked in a while. I looked and saw the interview had begun. I looked both ways crossing the street and as soon as I was clear across the street I began my frolic and here’s how it went…

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