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Guest Vlogger sees Annie

Eilish and I wanted to surprise her niece Emily with tickets to Annie. It was on from July 20th to August 20th in the Cork Opera House. She was down from Leitrim for two weeks and we thought one of the last nights she was here would be good. During the week, we gave Emily her choice of a film to watch. Funnily enough, she searched and searched Netflix and decided on Annie. Eilish and I looked at each other. We got even more excited about the surprise knowing that it’s on her mind. I really enjoyed watching Annie. I hadn’t seen the film in years. It brought back memories. We decided to surprise Emily during dinner at Luigi Malone’s. It was an hour before the show started. To see the look on her face made you want to be a kid again. She had genuine excitement all over. There were only two tickets for her and Eilish. I was going to wait in the bar while they went. Eilish suggested Emily do the vlog and I thought it was the perfect time for a guest vlogger…

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