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The Digital Scavenger Hunt

When volunteering at the Cork Midsummer Festival’s Picnic in the Park I had to let people know about the Digital Scavenger Hunt that was going on. I had no idea what it was but I would tell people the time and place. The guy who ran the hunt was Ronan Leonard. I spoke to him a bit that day. He was also the MC for the whole event. He’s a very funny guy and when I told Eilish about the Digital Scavenger Hunt she had heard of it and of Ronan. She knew exactly what the hunt was but I still had no idea. I knew what a scavenger hunt was. I had done one as a teenager where you get a list of things to drive around and grab. You were on a team and had to get everything on the list before the other team. Eilish said she wanted to bring her nieces to the Digital Scavenger Hunt on a Tuesday afternoon. I took my lunch break and went to join them at Fitzgerald Park…


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