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Harvesting Crops

I’ve been acquainted with farms for years as some of my relations own and work on them. I’ve never gotten into it myself but have always had been curious about it. I had wanted to try some of the farm work as a vlog but had been told that because farming is dependent on the weather I’d have to be flexible.

One day after work, I was sitting having a coffee in Starbucks and the phone rang. It was Eilish. I knew she was meeting up with her cousin Elaine so wasn’t sure what it could be about. When I picked up there was a sense of urgency. There was a slight panic on my end but then when a vlog was mentioned excitement came over me.

Elaine’s sister Deirdre and her husband Tony own a farm out in Cobh and apparently it was a good evening to start the harvesting. I walked over to Elaine’s house and Elaine, Eilish and myself drove out to Cobh together…

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