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Writing a Name on Starbucks Cup

I was doing a vlog in the English Market in Cork which I only got half done (to be continued so stay tuned) and I went to Starbucks to have a coffee.  While in there I thought of how I love the way they write the customer’s name on the cup.  The personal touch that it provides speaks volumes.  It’s something that I would love to try.  I thought of how maybe today will be that day.  I got up to take pictures of the cup display that was there and while up the barista working there named Cillian asked if I would like to do a drawing on a cup to add to the display.  That’s when I had my chance to ask about the name on the cup.  I told Cillian about the vlogs and that I’ve always wanted to try the name on the cup.  I asked if I could get the next customer’s coffee and do it on their cup.  He said no problem as long as the customer was okay with it…

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