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Driver’s Theory Test

I can remember the day I passed the test to get my learner’s permit to drive in the states. I was sixteen and felt like I was on the edge of freedom. I knew that I would have to drive under supervision for a few months until I was all on my own but was okay with that. The things driving allow you to do are endless.  You can just get in and go.  There is no waiting around. Although I’ve been very fortunate with good public transportation as well as access to drivers around me it’s still relying on someone else.  I’ve had some experience of driving on the roads in Ireland but it was mainly on automatic cars. I still need some work on the standard transmission.  The Theory Test is the first step toward getting on the road. You pass that you can get a permit to drive under supervision of someone with a full license. I got a month’s subscription to the Driver’s Theory Test online tutorial.  It had a lot of info on there and was very helpful.

When the day came I did some last minute studying as well as playing the leg guitar in the street to get the brain warmed up. I walked over to the test center and as I was getting ready to take my phone out to film the introduction to the vlog a man came flying out of the door. He was jumping up and down and shouting and screaming. He apparently had passed. He said something to the effect of ‘third time is the charm’. I started to get really nervous but when I saw him go to high five the staff member outside and she high fived back I relaxed a bit. A cool staff makes things like this a little less daunting…

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