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The Wise Glasses

I find wearing sunglasses like a method of invisibility. It’s a bit like the Adam Sandler movie Big Daddy where he had the kid put the shades on and Sandler pretends to not be able to see the kid. People can’t really see your eyes or the expressions they give off. You can read so much in someone’s eyes and the sunglasses make it feel like there is a wall up. You feel protected behind them and that’s why I wanted to use them as I went around saying phrases of wisdom to people that were either really basic or made no sense at all. It would give me the confidence to do it as well as add to the character.

I went into EuroGiant in Cork City to buy a pair of sunglasses. I looked up and down every aisle and couldn’t find any until I was on my way out and there were a bunch of pairs of FunGlasses.  They were oversized sunglasses and at first I thought it might distract from what was actually coming out of my mouth. I then thought how it was the best option at that moment. After buying the glasses I walked out of the store onto Oliver Plunkett Street and decided to head into a few shops along the way…

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