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Making an Announcement on a Norwegian Air Flight

Flying has become a big part of my life. Most of it happening between the United States and Ireland. When you are in your seat and just cruising however many thousands of feet over the water you feel like airline staff are the closest connection to the outside world. They are the calming factor and who you look to in times of need. I’ve always admired flight attendants and what they have to do during a flight.

When I boarded the flight in Shannon I could tell the staff of Norwegian Air were cool. It was about three quarters of the way through the flight and I thought about how I’ve always wanted to get on the speaker to say something. It’s that voice you wait for to put you at ease and I think it is such a great skill to have. I began to get really nervous thinking about it but I had to use these nerves to get me through it. One of the flight attendants named Tim was walking by. Tim was a very friendly guy so I felt comfortable asking him. He said he would ask the chief flight attendant and she would speak to me. Not too long later Maria came down to speak to me. I explained what I do and what I wanted to do. She was all for it and we thought it would be good to have something scripted out for me to read so she wrote on a napkin. Once I read the napkin a couple of times it was time to get on the phone…

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