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Cleaning Coins with Cola

I always loved over the years letting the coins build up in a jar. Then I would put them in a plastic bag and drive down to Stop and Shop supermarket. They had that Coinstar machine that would count up the coins and give you a receipt. You then took the receipt to the cashier and they would give the amount with bills. Even though a percentage of your coins was taken out it was still worth it between hearing the clanking of the coins, the time saved in counting them yourself and getting them off your hands.

I would always notice the color change on the coins as time went on. I guessed that it was rust. I would always hear about a trick with Coca Cola. If you poured the Coke over the coins it would get rid of the rust. One Saturday afternoon after work I went to Eilish’s. We did some cleaning at the house and we saw there were a bunch of coins in jars of all different currencies. Some of them looked really rusty. Eilish suggested I try the Cola trick on them so we went bought a bottle and came back to begin…

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