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Using the Handline

I’ve always loved the idea of improvisation and imagining something existing that you can’t physically see. It makes your brain work harder in pretending. The idea of having to keep up pretending gives me a great sense of satisfaction afterwards. I guess you can compare it to reading a book and watching a movie. You have to use the words from the book to create the movie in your head whereas the movie is already created for you. That’s probably why for me the satisfaction of reading a book outweighs watching a movie by so much.

I was thinking of the amount of times growing up and through the years I would pretend to use my hand as a phone. Whether it was telling someone to give you a call or when you played a game as a kid and you had to pretend call 911. I thought it might be interesting to go around and use that pretend phone and see what reactions I might get. Also, with the way technology is going in recent years people might think it’s legit…

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