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Having a Macchiato

I love the feeling coffee gives me. I find it’s more of a relaxing energy for me. The caffeine in coffee seems to have a different effect on me than a soda or an energy drink. That’s probably why I like it so much. I love a good Americano or a Latte. I like espresso as well but I don’t dabble as much in that. Whenever I think of espresso I think of George Clooney (I know that sounds weird but hear me out). He is the ambassador for Nespresso in all those commercials. 

I always see the ads when I go to the Mahon Point Cinema. They have it on before the film starts and they sell it outside at the Xpresso Cafe. This particular day I was going to see Avengers Infinity War and I’ve always wanted to try a Macchiato so I said yes to it before the film…

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