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Oysters in Galway

Eilish and I were heading up to Galway for the Galway Film Fleadh so I thought I would look for suggestions for Galway food delicacies on Instagram. Got a few messages back and in all of them oysters were mentioned. I thought that sounded pretty good.

Oysters have been said to be an aphrodisiac but not only do they help in that area but there are supposed to be health benefits too from helping the immune system to stronger bones. Great to know I was going to be putting something with health benefits into my body.

The Irish Atlantic waters are a place to find the most popular oyster in the world Pacific Oysters. Around 9,000 tons are harvested there each year. They take only three years to mature as opposed to five or six years for other types of oysters.

I’ve been to Galway so many times over the years and have really enjoyed it every time. There is something special with the city. It has that real bohemian feel to it. On the drive up to Galway I had no idea which restaurant we would go to. I thought of all the places I have been to and haven’t been to. There were so many options. One place we were heading to in which I really liked in the past was An Pucan. I really enjoyed their food as well and I noticed there were grilled oysters on the menu. It was time to say yes…

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