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Five Guys in Dundrum

Five guys is a burger joint that started over thirty years ago in Virginia, United States. They serve hot dogs, hamburgers, French fries. They have a specialty Cajun fries as well as they have fresh nuts as appetizers that you can take scoops and scoops of. They have an array of soft drinks and offer free refills.

Five Guys first came to a town near where I grew up called Westford a few years back. Every time I would fly back from Ireland I would try and go there. I love the way the salted fries hit my lips and the burger has a very unique egg like taste.

Eilish enjoyed going there as well when we’d go back. Once we heard they were opening one I Dublin we said we had to go. Although it took us over a year and a half we set out a plan to go there. We were picking up our Niece Emily in Blanchardstown, Dublin, and before we went to our destination of Roundwood, Wicklow, we all said yes to Five Guys in Dundrum…

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