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‘Bringing the Wine Geese Home’ Walking Tour

When I think of alcohol in Ireland I think of stouts and lagers. Wine doesn’t register too quickly even though you hear more and more about it at pubs. The Wine Geese is a term I hadn’t heard of until Eilish told me there would be a walking tour on Culture Night in Cork City.  

Before heading to the tour I found out that Wine Geese as a term was used to describe Irish emigrant families who got involved in the wine trade in other countries. One of the main places they helped to develop the wine industry was in Bordeaux, France. It all made sense to me with Cork being the second largest natural port in the world as to how to import the wine.

After feeling like I had gained some knowledge but not nearly enough I was really looking forward to learning about and drinking some quality wine. The evening of Culture Night could not have been more enjoyable as we and around 50 others said yes to walking tour beginning at L’atitude 51…

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