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Behind the Scenes at Cork Airport

Cork Airport is a place I’ve been to a few times over the years. I remember visiting the old terminal as a child and looking out on the viewing platform. I think when you’re younger and still even as you get older there’s something magical about flying. You don’t really think about all that goes into the business and safety of aviation when you’re on a journey.

Cork Airport has grown in the last fifteen years between a new terminal and flying to more and more destinations. With this increased activity the work behind the scenes gets even busier.

Shane Carroll is a friend of my wife’s family and he’s always very supportive and enthusiastic about my Yes to New endeavours.  He has that same positivity and energy for his line of work and thought it would be an interesting vlog to do a behind the scenes at the airport. I came to find out that not only is he an airport police officer but he is also an airport firefighter. He and many others do shifts between both services. I find both law enforcement and fire services very admirable. For these guys to do both is nothing short of amazing.

They need to be able to react quickly to a variety of life threatening situations.  They’re in communication with everyone from air traffic control to the information desk.  One of the biggest things I learned on the day is how important it is for them to keep birds away from the runway. Birds cost the global airline industry almost a billion a year not to mention the accidents they can cause. These people work long hours so for a small part of their day Eilish and I were very excited to say yes to seeing what they do …

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