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Cafe Spresso

Eastern European food has become more common in recent years with the influx of different nationalities immigrating to Ireland. Polish cuisine would be the most common because they would be the highest population of Eastern Europeans in Ireland. Their food has been influenced by a few West Slavic and Central European countries over the years. There is a lot of pork, chicken, beef along with vegetables like cabbage combined with spices.

I’ve been wanting to expand my cultural appetite and say yes to other countries’ food with the goal of trying to get a dish from every country in the world. I’ve heard a lot about Café Spresso on MacCurtain Street in Cork, a street that has so many good options for food. It is known for good quality Irish and Polish food. I wanted to try their Hungarian Goulash. Goulash has ground beef, onion, cloves garlic minced, tomato sauce, soy sauce, oregano and Café Spresso does a Hungarian style. Along with red cabbage and potato I said yes to the meal…

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