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Lab 82

A friend of ours mentioned a café near the train station in Cork that does tasty sandwiches as well as amazing pastries. It’s called Lab 82 so like a lot of people...

Brick Lane

Brick Lane is a place I’ve been to in the past for a few social drinks and table quizzes. The layout is cool with a covered patio in the front. I’ve heard...

A Falafel at Umi

The first time I heard the word falafel was on an episode of Friends. Ross was said to look like the falafel guy. Falafel comes from the Middle East and is a dish of...


Japanese food is something I don’t have too often. Japan is a country I’ve become interested in seeing over the years. I continue to hear more and more about their...

Cheese & Onion Burger

Son of a Bun on McCurtain Street in Cork is one of my firm favourites. I probably go there twice a month and I’ve never been disappointed with the food or service...

Cork Cheese Fair

I feel like more and more restaurants I go to have cheese boards. To being with I’m not really a dessert guy but cheese for dessert would be my least favourite...

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